2021 Summer Family Session - What to Wear Guide & Inspiration - For beating the Texas heat

Summer is here and the Texas Heat is starting to annoy us just this much, am I right?

Every year it seems to get more uncomfortable with every summer outing. It feels impossible to find the perfect outfit for your family session let alone with this Texas heat! I'm here to help relieve some stress - this right here is always my number one goal for my business! Reliving stress from taking pictures!! So, follow these steps below, and I will make sure you don't feel like you just left Six Flags on a hot summer day vs. leaving your family session with me! :)

Family Session What to Wear Mini Guide

(Book a family session with me and get the full guide to help prep you for your session)

NEUTRALS : If there is anything you learn from this guide its this! Neutral, Neutral, Neutral - if your looking for that natural, light + airy look that my work is known for then, stick with neutrals and solids as to not conflict with any background elements PLUS it gives you that simple natural look to your images. The additional bonus neutrals gives your photos is an opportunity to be displayed in your home for generations to come and never 'go out of style.'

DRESS MOM FIRST : This is a tip I have been giving since I first started my business. Family sessions are a great opportunity for mom to shine! And that is A-OKAY! We work hard mommas! We want these pictures! Let's love ourselves in them! So pick a dress you LOVE from your closet, or go shopping and find something (or maybe 2-3 things) you love and, you rock it, momma!! Long flowy dresses are best and always great in these summer sessions. Solid colors or light floras are best.

SAY NO TO MATCHY-MATCHY : I know it is so tempting to pick one or two colors and have everyone match in the same patterns or colors. Sometimes for certain situations, this works, but in most cases the better option vs matcy-matchy is to pick a color pallet of about 3-5 colors and mix match your family with solids and light prints, in these colors. If you're going to add prints to your planning start with floras for girls and solids for boys or small checkered/small strips for guys and solids for the ladies. A good example color pallet would be hunter green, navy, light pink, off-white and sage would be a great mix of colors in the same family to use as a guide when shopping and picking out your outfits. Here are a few other color combinations I put together for you as a starting point when thinking about grouping colors. And again neutrals and solids are always best with a pop of print here and there.

Keeping Cool at Family Sessions in the Texas Heat

TIME OF DAY : This very important when trying to stay cooler with the Texas heat!! For Summer sessions - there are two options for outside sessions, morning or sunset. Morning sessions are best for families with young children who have naptimes. The best time for light for morning sessions, during this time of year, is a start time of 8 AM -9 AM so that we get that beautiful morning sun and also stay away from the hot part of the day! For families with older kids or no kids then sunset time slots are some of my favorite images! For light, evening sessions would have a start time of 7:15-7:30PM - since sunset is normally around 8-8:15PM -- that gives about 30-45 min of golden light before sunset and then some time during sunset for two different types of light, before the sun goes down! Both times are great options - I also have a studio and time of day does not matter as much there and of course, is way way cooler!!

NEUTRALS : here I am again talking about neutrals! These cool and light colors tho do play an impact when thinking about staying cool during our session in the summer. The lighter the color the better and the cooler you'll be! That's all I have to say about that one!

LAST FEW TIPS : for staying cool in the Texas heat during your family session

1. Layer with the intention of taking off your layers. So do you like your outfit once the layers are off?

2. Hats are great in photos + So cute on literally everyone!! Hats always look great in photos too! I don't have some fancy reason why - but I'm tellin' ya, yes it looks good on even you! 😊

3. Most importantly you want to be comfortable! The last thing you want is to be walking around at our family session location and be hot and in itchy uncomfortable clothes! Or worse, your kiddos in hot uncomfortable clothes!

Okay yall, that's all I have! This heat is no joke and the last thing I want for you or me is standing around in it no matter how much fun we are having! I always have my clients front of mind and I know this is something your thinking about this summer! I cant wait to see you guys in these sweet summer moments and click here to book your next session with me, BOOK HERE

Thanks for tuning in to this week's tips from over here on the Blog and ill see you here again next week with a NEWBORN SESSION in the studio and you will want to see this sweet boy, I'm tellin ya! :)

- Jennifer


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