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Hey, hey! Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about the girl behind the lens at Jennifer Fowler Photography. My love for photography  really got  zapped back to life by my two kiddos!  The year my daughter was born I think I took, thousands of pictures of her! My love for photography and creativity when I was in my teens really all came flooding back but with a vengence when I became a mom! By the time my son was born I was creating mini session sets just for them! I built and worked on my craft and in 2015 I opened by business as a children  and wedding photographer. 

Right after I had my daughter  I was diagnoed with lupus. Lupus is an autoammunie deasease that affects my bodies orangans and my white blood cells fight againts each other. Basaclly my body fights itself on a daily basis. Becuase of that weddings were just not something my body could handle. 8-15 hours on my feet at one time - so my focus shifted to families and newborns and it was the best decion I could have made! For so many reasons. I went to school for education and always thought I would end up as a teacher, so this is my creative way with working with children and thir families!  And it gives me time to put all of me into your session without effecting my health! :) 

My passion is to continue building a business tha makes getting pictures done for your kids and your family as stress-free as possible! Everyone needs, NEEDS, good pictures of your kids and your family. This phase is only here now, and no more! So you have to capture it while it is still here.  People used to tell me all the time when mine were small how fast this 'littles' stage goes by and I did not belive them. Mine are now 8 & 7 and I have no idea when that happened? 

xoxo jennifer

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Just a few things about me personally, I am a mommy and step-mom to 6 kiddos total! I'm married to my best friend of 10 years and a believer in all of God's plans! I'm mostly a mess, I like to talk with my hands, I have a huge love of all animals but mainly dogs, and a Summer Moon coffee with oat milk is pretty much a life-giver somedays! I always loved the game 3 truths and a lie so for a few more facts about this lady here, scroll on down and see if you can find the lie? 

 3 truths and a lie ... Can you guess which one is a lie?


Fact # 1 ... 

My Aunt is a broadway star and has won a Tony award


Fact # 2 ... 

We named our son after the quarter-back who played for UGA the year he was born

Fact # 3 ... 

I almost went to school to be a Lawyer 

Fact # 4 ... 

My husband and I have lived in six states together all before we moved to Texas